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I specialize in therapy and coaching for neurodivergent adults and supportive guidance for parents of neurodiverse children.

As a dedicated therapist and coach, I cater to the unique needs of neurodivergent adults and families. Decades of personal and professional autism experience equip me with the empathy and knowledge to grasp your circumstances intimately, providing a perspective that’s rare and insightful.

You will discover a level of understanding that may be entirely new to you. Here you’re not just another client, you’re a valued individual who will be nurtured and encouraged to flourish. Partnering with you and your loved ones, I’m committed to helping you in overcoming challenges and reaching your personal or collective goals. 

Hi, I’m Tamara Phillips


Support that’s just for you, building connections and moving you forward

Meaningful Progress

Helping you learn more about yourself or your family

Emphasis on Unique Strengths

Customized to fit what you’re good at and what you want to achieve

Straightforward & Honest

I highlight what makes you or your family uniquely skilled, guiding you to explore and steer your own path confidently. We’ll join forces to celebrate your individual traits, nurturing significant development and self-improvement.

My Approach 

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  • Support focused on your goals, helping you manage life changes 

  • Practical strategies for growth in all areas of life

  • Encouragement to unlock your unique capabilities to the fullest

  • Customized guidance

Coaching services for clients nationwide.

Coaching Services

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  • Uncover and leverage your strengths and aspirations

  • Growth strategies that celebrate your individuality

  • Empowerment through every step of your journey

  • Skill building for life’s complexities

  • Trauma-informed support 

Customized therapy services for Minnesota’s Neurodiverse Community.

Therapy Services

Counseling and coaching tailored to you

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